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Welcome to the Expat Photographer and Travel Blog

I’m a photographer living in China and travelling, primarily, around Asia.  The site’s focus on travel and photography.  Inside you’ll find travel articles, location shoots of models and ancient temples, and lots in between.


Navigating the Site

Here at the homepage you’ll find the featured articles.  Not the newest, but hopefully some of the best content on the stie.

Besides the main menu, you can find a quick menu at the top of the page titled ‘Browse’.   Here you’ll find the 5 newest posts of each category.

Travel: All things travel, from dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong, to ancient temples of Cambodia.

Photography Articles: General articles, with typically many re-posted from National Geographic.

Expat Articles: Expat life, including helpful hints and tidbits for those on the move or maybe thinking about giving it a try.

Street Photography: Day-to-day life of different areas popular with many photographers, typically posted in some collections.

Images: The latest featured single shots.

Don’t forget to see the ‘About’ page, which provides more information about E.P., including types of work and contact information for hiring for shoots.





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