Earth Temple/Ditan Park

Ditan Park, or Temple of Earth. It’s huge, and packed. One of the most popular festivals during the Spring Festival, this is a giant fair. The temple has its version of boardwalk games, and barkers of course, that go on and on. Did see one show, folk-festival dancing of some sort. Some great lamb kabobs… Read More

Hong Kong Blog

“You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you.” Bury Vittachi The Fragrant Habour, home to more than 7 million, is simply the greatest city I’ve ever experienced. It’s an international city in every sense of the word. Ruled by Japan, Britain, China, it’s now almost but not quite a city-state of its… Read More

Central Business District

The adventures of Bill in Beijing… The Central Business District, shoot. Took a rare opportunity on Lunar New Year’s Day to shoot Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD) while it was deserted. The CBD is Beijing’s Wall Street. Usually it’s one of the busiest places on Earth, I would imagine. Jam packed with people everywhere usually,… Read More

Food in Beijing

The adventures of Bill in Beijing… The food in Beijing is, interesting. It’s also quite good, a lot of the food. Some of it is really god awful. I mean ‘wtf, why are you eating that?!’ sort of bad. For example, you can order and eat chicken cartilage. Yum eh? The selection, when it comes… Read More

Jingshan Park

The adventures of Bill in Beijing… Jingshan Park. Just a quick walk up the hill on Jingshan Park to take a few pictures and sit for a bit. It’s part of the parks and lakes adjoining the Forbidden City. This area used to be an imperial garden for the emperors. Good view from the hill… Read More

Jingshan Park Gallery

Beihai Park

The adventures of Bill in Beijing… We came northwest from the Temple of Heaven, hit paint brush row, and found the Changdian Fair. Now we keep moving northwest to the lakes, which will be a nice place to spend the mid 50 degree weather. Multipurpose Beihai Park. It has temples and has been a temple,… Read More