Ditan Park/Earth Temple

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Happy New Year.

Today starts the Spring Festival, which lasts for about a week. Last week was a week of partying, lots of fireworks, and a lot of neon near the stadium. This week, since it’s Spring Festival, will be a week of partying, fewer fireworks, festivals, and a fair amount of neon near the lake I think.

First stop is Ditan Park, or Temple of Earth.

Decorations along the main ‘avenue’

It’s huge, and packed. One of the most popular festivals during the Spring Festival, this is a giant fair. The temple has its version of boardwalk games, and barkers of course, that go on and on. Did see one show, folk-festival dancing of some sort. Some great lamb kabobs are made here, and the non-fried squid on a stick was real popular. It’s a big Beijing style carnival.

Prizes for the carnival games

We’re going to head southwest from here, and cut through the hutongs west of the Llama Temple (and Confucian Temple, still have to go) and through the South Luogu Lane (a famous and popular hutong).

This is another great area of Beijing, the path we’re taking. You’ll actually run into other expats around here, and there are some great spots we westerners appreciate.


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