Beihai Park

The adventures of Bill in Beijing…

We came northwest from the Temple of Heaven, hit paint brush row, and found the Changdian Fair. Now we keep moving northwest to the lakes, which will be a nice place to spend the mid 50 degree weather.


Multipurpose Beihai Park.


It has temples and has been a temple, it was a private garden of emperors, a palace, a retreat resort and park. The White Pagoda is at Beihai park. So is Jade something island and 1 of the 3 Dragon Walls in the city. There are towers, stone passageways, and lots of stone steps, sometimes made of well worn paths in boulders. This is something like Beijing’s Central Park, the couple lakes next to the Forbidden City. Here people do everything: eat fair food, meet to go out, rent boats, Tai Chi, play games, play music, shop, fly kites, and on.


From here we just walk along one sculptured manmade lake literally fit for an emperor, to the one it’s connected to.

Full Beihai Park Gallery


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