Food in Beijing

The adventures of Bill in Beijing…

The food in Beijing is, interesting.


It’s also quite good, a lot of the food. Some of it is really god awful. I mean ‘wtf, why are you eating that?!’ sort of bad. For example, you can order and eat chicken cartilage. Yum eh?

The selection, when it comes to Asian food, is not surprisingly awesome. Japanese and Korean is almost everywhere, and good. Korean bar-b-q can be delicious, and is a good choice for vegetarians and carnivores alike.


The duck is amazing. The pork too can be phenomenal. Both can be made in a similar fashion, with a thick outer layer of fat with the most delicious meat underneath. Still haven’t had any chicken (besides fried) on the bone that I liked but having pork on the bone in this way is probably the best tasting pork I’ve ever had, anywhere.


Noodle joints, good ones, are everywhere. Since Beijing is in northern China, there really isn’t rice everywhere. Instead, there’s a few pastas everywhere, namely dumplings and noodles. There’s plenty of good food to eat served over rice in a big bowl, but it’s nothing compared to how much of a thing noodles are in Beijing.


The choices are quite wide. For example, I tried and fell in-love with donkey flat-bread sandwiches. They’re damn good, seriously. Cheese though, adding cheese would be perfect.

Still haven’t eaten any critters on a stick yet, like down in Wangfujing’s hutong. Eventually.


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