Temple of Heaven

The adventures of Bill in Beijing…

Metro hops and hutongs.


Our video game strategy to getting around the city is as follows: we have the metro down pat, we’re still learning in’s and out’s of hutongs, and 3 wheel bikes and cabs are basically locked until we get enough points in our language skill to communicate enough. Which is Mandarin Chinese, and not simple. We can always use our ‘recall’ though: holding up our phone with our home address on the screen, in simplified Chinese (the writing).

It’s another gorgeous day on day 3 of the Spring Festival, so we definitely want short metro hops and good huntongs.


In 15 minutes we’re at the Temple of Heaven, the holiest site in Beijing, and China. This is where the emperors who lived in that Forbidden City went for high religious occasions. Been here before because it’s so close and easy. We just want to swing through the ‘walk through’ as they call it: go into the centre of the temple and vault.

We’ll be coming back here yet again. This holy temple is apparently a preferred spot to practice one’s Tai Chi and Kung Fu.


For now, we’re heading northwest, two big city blocks. We came out the North Gate at the Temple of Heaven. The subway stop is at the West Gate. But it’s perfect for checking about hutongs south and southeast of the City Centre.

Full Temple of Heaven Gallery


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