Tuanjiehu Cultural Center

The adventures of Bill in Beijing…

No rest for the weary.


Once again I plan to sleep for a month, and once again I’m lucky if it’s five hours. Fireworks are early, and loud. But it’s gorgeous out, so we dodged a bullet there because no more pea coat (don’t ask), so let’s go not find the Chaoyang International Festival.


Ok, we achieved that, well done. We do find the cultural centre for this neighbourhood, Tuanhiejo. Turns out to be more like a much smaller, but far better Central Park. This neighbourhood backs into the Central Business District (CBD). Of course, since it’s some type of scenic Chinese temple/garden/park, someone’s doing some kind of Kung Fu something or other. This time it was with whips, and spinning tops.

Watch the videos

And since there’s nothing open to feed me, we’re going to go closer to the CBD and skyscrapers so we can shoot the buildings and look at the closed eateries there too…

Full Tuanjiehu Cultural Center Gallery


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