The adventures of Bill in Beijing…

Let’s Wangfujing it.

It’s getting cold, and we need a coat. We’re starving too. Almost nothing is open, for a few days they say. Lots of areas of the city are eerily quiet and empty. Not Wangfujing (wang-foo-jing, it’s an easy one) .


Quickly becoming one of my favourite, and go-to places. Burgers from McD’s, chicken from KFC. All types of shops for anything, and of course the hutongs. Saying ‘alley’ would be an iffy translation. They come in all sizes, quality, and who knows what you’ll find down one. We’re heading into a courtyard for some noodles, off the main central hutong; as soon as we stop in a shop on another hutong (hoo-tang, another easy one) for a jacket.


Real crowded for Wangfujing (which is still not bad really) because it’s New Year’s Day. It’s a great spot, especially at night, so all sorts of people will be there. We’ll chat with a few expats here and there, ‘talk’ with a couple locals, both/either can happen easily here since sharing tables is quite common. Lots of eating and talking, good amount of carnival barkering, a little singing (the Mongolean stuff is awesome!) usually some very lively card and something like chess games, and beer drinking.


We’re going to relax, see a guy about some jade, and go to sleep.

Full Wangfujing Gallery


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