Wuxiancaishen Temple Fair

The adventures of Bill in Beijing…

Why it’s a Wuxiancaishen Temple Fair of course!

Heading west out of South Luogo towards the northern stretch of lakes, over by where the Two Towers are, because there’s things we’re looking for that a way.


And another score for Luogo, we walk right into the Five Wealth Gods Temple Fair. We aren’t really sure of our location, or fair for that matter, but my vague plan to do precisely this is working brilliantly.


This fair is small, and it’s really cool. It celebrates five brothers and their good fortunes. Amazingly elaborate in a small space, the temple and courtyards look exquisite for the holidays. This is a local tradition, and people come by to burn incenses and to throw good fortune coins at a gong with a bell hanging in the middle. The location is what’s real great. It’s right in between a bunch of other sights since we’re by the lakes. Here for a half hour, then just turn the corner and at a lake.

Full Wuxiancaishen Temple Fair Gallery


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