From Newark to Beijing to Shenzhen.


First we take off from Newark, New Jersey


This is Newark. They say it’s nice in the spring. They lie, they lie big.


For a short 14 hour flight to the capital, Beijing, China.


Beijing Imperial City
Beijing actually is gorgeous in the Spring.


Then a 3.5 hour hop south to Shenzhen.


shenzhen skyline
Shenzhen Skyline at night.


In 1980 Shenzhen had a population of about 30,000.  By 2010, Shenzhen had a population of about 10.5 million.  That’s smaller than Atlantic City, NJ, to larger than NYC, in 30 years.  It’s a town on the upswing you might say.

Shenzhen is right next to Hong Kong (HK), and is one of, if not the, most hi-tech city in China which makes it one of the most hi-tech cities in the world.

It also has a pirate ship…

Oh yeah, a pirate ship

…because cool cities have their own pirate ship.

A snazzy looking marina too.


Lots of green spaces.


And of course a park with the…


…the Eiffel tower just because.

In the morning we’re off again to China, so stay tuned for ‘me doing shit in China’ (just a working title, it needs polishing).


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