Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong

The Man Mo Temple, or Wen Wu Temple, in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, is quite a site.

Incense smoke

It’s small, as all the Man Mo/Wen Wu Temples seem to be, but very cool inside.


Primarily people go there to burn incense and make offerings to Man Tai (Man Cheong) and Mo Tai (Kwan Tai).

Dark pot

The second most common reason people go is to take pictures because the inside looks like a cross between something out of the movie, The Golden Child, and a classic Hong Kong, Kung Fu movie.

Circular incense

It actually feels like any second some dude in a shiny suit is going to walk in and say ‘I’ve been looking for you’ as some 150 year old guy meditating in the corner replies ‘and now you’ve found me’ starting some epic battle.

gold pot

Unfortuantely that didn’t happen while I was there, though I’m still convinced that stuff does happen, just not in front of the Laowai/Gweilo. (You think I’m kidding, but read about the infamous Bruce Lee vs. Wong Jack Man fight.)


Its the incense and their trapipngs, as well as the light (natural and lantern), that really makes the place sharp looking.

B&W pot

Next time you’re hanging in Hong Kong, swing by, check it out.