Christmas at 1881 Heritage

1881 Heritage refers to a landmark, cultural location, and upscale shopping center all in one.  Originally Hong Kong’s Marine Police Headquarters, 1881 Heritage is now known primarily for its high end shopping and elaborate decorations.  The Christmas decorations on display make it easy to see why 1881 Heritage is known for such displays.


1881 Heritage Plaza

1881 Heritage Plaza, center courtyard

Located in the Kowloon section, or the mainland section, of Hong Kong, 1881 Heritage is across the street from Victoria Harbor.  Designated in 1881, hence it’s name, the Marine Police Headquarter was charged with defending the harbor, particularly from pirates.   The site host the renovated main building, signal tower, and Old Kowloon Fire Station.  Inspired by the Victorian Era whence it was originally built, the site today has a beautiful Victorian motif.

The shopping the location provides certainly brings in as many, if not more people, than the historical elements.  There are several high end restaurants, and many high end retail shops, such as Cartier.  All are beautifully incorporated into the site, making for a gorgeous must-see stop on any Hong Kong itinerary.


1881 Heritage Christmas Tree Close-up 2

Close-up of one of the purpley decorated trees


The center plaza is where the famous displays are focused.  1881 Heritage puts on the most elaborate and breath taking displays in all of Hong Kong.  At Christmas time people flock to take in the sites and of course take lots of pictures.




1881 Heritage, particularly during the Christmas holidays, is an absolute must see.