Hong Kong Street Markets

The street markets in Hong Kong are a long time attraction.  Bustling and numerous, they’re really legendary aspects of Hong Kong.  They’re outside ‘stores’ sometimes consisting of kiosks of various types, and sometimes nothing more than a seemingly endless series of interlocking, framed tents.  Some catering to morning crowds, others famous for being night markets, no trip (at least first trip) to Hong Kong is complete with visiting at least one of the street markets.

The Kowloon side of Hong Kong, the mainland side as opposed to Hong Kong Island, is where most of the markets are located.  It’s also where the best deals and biggest selections can be found.  In fact, I often stay not only in Kowloon, but on Fa Yuen Street (sometimes called ‘Sneaker Street’ due to all the sneaker/shoe shopping) in part because I can walk out onto Fa Yuen Street from my hotel and be in the Fa Yuen Street Market in, literally, a minute or two.

The largest and most well known of Hong Kong’s street markets is the Temple Street Market or ‘The Night Market’.  While most street markets generally focus on some niche, like goods for women, the Temple Street Market focuses upon being a well known market.  It’s not only one of the most famous markets in Hong Kong, but it’s also one of the most fun.  The Night Market, even more so than most of the others, is a destination unto itself with numerous restaurants and shops surrounding the market.

Some of the other larger and more interesting markets include: Ladies Market, Toy Market, Jade Market, Cat Street Market, and Fa Yuen Street Market (Sneaker Street).  All are worth visiting and really shouldn’t be missed on a visit to Hong Kong.




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